The 20 Best Restaurants in America for 2014

The Daily Meal has just released its 4th annual ranking of the best restaurants in America, rounding up the 101 best eateries in the nation.

With more than 100 panelists involved in the voting process — including names such as Michael Bauer, S. Irene Virbila, Penny Polllack and John T. Edge — this list is the ultimate dining scene guide for foodies, travelers and everyday Americans alike.

So whether you’re visiting a new city or just looking to try some place new around town, this list can prove to be helpful.

Of all the states, New York dominates with a whopping 28 restaurants on the list, eight of which are just in the top 20. California also populates the list with 24 total restaurants. Chicago follows with seven, and various other locales are peppered through the rest of the list.

We’ve compiled  20 of the best restaurants in America for 2014 in the slideshow above, starting from number 20. See if one of them is near you.

For more info on each and the complete list, visit the Daily Meal by clicking this link.