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20 Child Stars Gone Bad

Growing up in the spotlight is no easy task.
Behind the facade of fame and money, Hollywood has a dark side, one that plagues hopeful stars with substance abuse, never-ending drama, and mental and emotional breakdowns.
When child stars are forced to go through their teenage years with the entire world watching and waiting for them to screw up, it’s highly likely that they’re going to do exactly that.
Tragic young souls often lose their way somewhere between the time they step foot in the entertainment industry and that first line of coke, domestic violence or DUI conviction or business deal gone awry.
There is something innately disturbing about the way talented stars are sucked into the vortex of fame’s pitfalls.
While we may have idolized them when we were kids — today, some of them make us wish we never gave them so much credit. Even the ones we thought had hope have ended up disappointing us by displaying some seriously shocking behavior.
Then, there are those who have run into trouble but were capable of bouncing back and recovering — going on to lead entirely sane lives.
Here are 20 child stars gone bad who lost their way, and in a few cases, found their way back.

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