See What Happens When 20 Dogs Take Over an Office Full of Stressed-Out Workers

In case you missed it, last Friday was National Take Your Dog to Work Day (TYDTWD). Thousands of workers are encouraged each year to participate in this annual event in order to celebrate and acknowledge the joy their furry companions bring to their lives.

We love the whole idea behind TYDTWD, as does Dogswell, a company that believes better nutrition leads to happier pets which in turn leads to happier owners. It’s a chain reaction!

To call attention to this relationship and the 16th annual TYDTWD, Dosgwell treated a whole office full of completely unsuspecting and stressed out workers in New York City to a doggie takeover by 20 lovable, cuddly, adorable pups. The result was fantastic and we’re even a little envious this didn’t happen at our office.

See how the workers in the video go from frazzled and miserable to so happy that they have tears in their eyes. Check out the video above.