20 Eye-Opening Pictures of Celebrities Before and After Photoshop

Are you a magazine publisher? Does the celebrity on your latest cover look a little too human for your tastes?

Not to fear, the magical software known as Photoshop can help you turn that beautiful woman into a computer-generated barbie doll or alien, depending on what you’re into.

Use this amazing program for evil instead of good, subtly insulting the celebrity while creating unrealistic standards that will help lower the self-esteem of young women around the world!

Photoshop is overused by nearly everyone trying to market something, whether it be a website, magazine, or even themselves on social media. Most of us are aware of the retouch-happy society we live in, but it’s hard to imagine the extent of it.

We found some of the most extreme, egregious examples of Photoshop overkill that completely transform celebrities. Scroll through the insanity in the slideshow above.

Sources: Buzzfeed, Messy Nessy Chic, Barbie Craze.

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