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20 Jaw-Dropping Photo Illusions

We’ve seen it done with celebrities: Photos are taken, smoothed out, cleaned up, and the star looks more beautiful than ever before. We’re accustomed to that kind of “magic” being created on a computer.
But when you see the photos in the slide show above, you’ll see the absolutely incredible things a person can do with an average photo and a few clicks of a mouse.
These insanely cool photo manipulations show the powers of technology by experimenting with image editing techniques via photo editing resources like Photoshop and Picasa. It is more than just some color balance alterations here and some contrast enhancements there — this kind of work takes a legitimate amount of time and patience.
It almost feels like you are experiencing insane hallucinations while looking at these photos because you think your mind is playing tricks on you — but it’s real. Creating these types of photo illusions takes one crazy imagination, and we’re thrilled that there are people out there willing to share their creations with us.
From a hand crawling out of an eyeball to someone swimming through an open asphalt road, there’s no way you can flip through these photos and not take a moment to share them with your friends.

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