21 Best Ariana Grande Memes from the Victoria Secret Show

It felt like a scene out of an old Ugly Betty episode: You’re Ariana Grande, performing at the incredible Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. Everything is awesome — the lights, the music, the celebrities — you’re getting all this great attention, when suddenly model Elsa Hosk’s gigantic furry wings smack you in in the face and you almost become runway roadkill.

(In case you missed seeing the original photo, here is it for you, but in gif form so you kind of see the action play out. Thank you gurl.com for posting it!)Ariana_Grande_Victorias_Secret_Gif

Check out the video from E! if you want a more newsy report, or just keep scrolling to see the gif version below.

So what’s the lesson here when you’re hit by angel’s wings? Simple — you duck and look absolutely terrified.

And then become the hottest meme sensation of the week.

The 21-year-old singer took the incident in stride but now people everywhere have come along and started making Ariana Grande memes from that priceless pic. While there are a lot of dupes out there (the Star Wars pic, tons featuring Kim Kardashian and her butt) there were also some unique ones and a few clever gifs we wanted to share. Check them out in the slide show above.

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