22 Crazy Things That Only Happen in Australia

crazy things that only happen in australia

Australia happens to be one of the most fascinating places on planet earth. Not only does the massive island contain some of the most awe-inspiring natural wonders, it is filled with all sorts of wild creatures — both animals and human beings.

The above slideshow features 22 crazy things you’ll most likely only find in Australia. For example, there are some of the scariest snakes known to man roaming around in the wilderness — 17 of which are venomous.

Australia’s population is now above 23 million, of which a handful happen to be quite “interesting.” This includes the dude that lost all of his teeth due to a soda addiction, parents that get into brawls at their kids’ parties, and even the Kylie Jenner obsessed.

And now back to Australia’s wildlife. You never know what is going to show up around the corner — be it a crocodile in the street, fighting kangaroos, stinging trees, or paralyzing ticks.

Visit this massive island if you dare!

Just in case you need more proof Australia is one CRAZY place, check out this infographic.

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