23-Year-Old Destroys Bill Gates at Chess Match in 80 Seconds

Bill Gates may be one of the most successful people in the world with the most impressive bank account in the world, but that didn’t do anything for him at a recent chess game against a 23-year-old.

It took nine moves for the Microsoft chairman to accept defeat against Magnus Carlsen, in one of the most embarrassing loses we’ve witnessed in a while. But to Gates’ credit, he wasn’t just playing any old kid off the street. Carlsen is currently the world’s reigning chess champion, holding the number 1 ranking with a peak rating of 2872, the highest in chess history.

The game was held in front of a live studio audience during a talk show with Carlsen showcasing his speed and precision against a befuddled Gates, who took his time making his moves.

But in all honesty, Gates shouldn’t get too down on himself. After all, chess wiz or not, he’s still the richest man in the world.

Check out the video above. And don’t worry if you’re pressed for time; it won’t take long.