25-Year-Old Loses All His Teeth Due to Soda Addiction

If you’ve got a can of soda in your hand right now, take our advice and put that sucker down. Actually, throw that and the rest of the six-pack away.

If you’re confused, consider the following scenario of a 25-year-old South Australian man named William Kennewell, who lost all his teeth as a result of his soda addiction. We’re not talking about the soda-a-day habit some people find so hard to kick, we’re talking between one-and-a-half to two gallons – let us repeat, gallons! – of soda a day.

That’s the amount Kennnewell gulped down for three years while his teeth rot away and left him with just 13 ‘rotten’ teeth – compared to 23 for the average adult – that had to be removed before he got fit with dentures.

So how does one get a soda addiction? “It started because I wasn’t a huge water fan and working in the hotel industry, I had easy access to Coke” explains the above-pictured Kennewell.

“Because my teeth were decaying so badly, it caused blood poisoning which just made me sick, but my health improved with the dentures.”

After the destruction of his pearly whites, Kennewell is using  his situation as a warning to others to be aware of not just the oral, but overall health implications of having a poor diet.

One possible way of reminding people of exactly what they’re buying when they put down the cash for a can of soda is to use warning labels that include the risk of tooth decay. That’s the approach Dr. Jason Armfield, the senior research fellow at the Australian Research Centre for Population Oral Health, encourages.

Meanwhile the Australian Federal Government is working to refocus “the health system towards prevention and to [support] efforts to reduce obesity and other health issues caused by poor diet and exercise.”

Man Loses All His Teeth – Feature Image Credit: Simon Cross