3 Flying Myths You Need to Know

When it comes to air travel, there are a lot of flying myths out there that have people concerned — myths that become amplified when certain news events hit big.

Take Ebola or other diseases as an example. People often refer to a plane as a “flying germ tube,” believing the air is recirculated and thus you’re breathing in everyone else’s illnesses. So how clean (or dirty) is that air you’re breathing.

When it comes to crazy people or terrorism on a flight: What if some dude jumps up and tries to yank open the door in mid-flight hoping to hurt himself or everyone else on the plane? How easy would it be for him to do it? Would you have enough time to stop him, or would getting out of your seat risk your own safety?

And probably the most common of all questions when we get into winter storm season and holiday travels: Can your plane be struck by lightning?

The Weather Channel took on these three big questions in a short, smart video. In it, they present these three myths and what the realities are surrounding them. The answers will probably surprise you — they did us — and we thought we were pretty well informed about these things. Check it out and see for yourself.