3 Tricks to the Best Online Savings

Everyone loves to score a great deal, but not everyone knows how to go about doing it. Online sites are usually a first stop when comparison shopping, but which ones are tops? We tracked down three great ways to save yourself a whole lot of money and time.

Comparing prices on different sites is a smart first step, but jumping from website to website takes time, can get complicated, and is generally a drag. Shopzilla.com frees lets you compare prices from different websites in one location. QUICK TIP: Remember to check for tax and shipping fees before completing a purchase. Sometimes an item that seems pricier might actually end up saving you money if it doesn’t have any taxes or shipping costs associated with it.

You’ve probably experienced this before: You find a fantastic deal on a much-needed item, only to discover at checkout that you’re paying nearly as much in shipping, handling and tracking. You know that it shouldn’t cost that much to pack and mail an item, but that’s where retailers seem to stick you.

Check out FreeShippping.org. Boasting nearly 4,000 online sellers, this site links customers to current free-shipping deals online. Once you see what you like, go to the website that’s offering it and make the purchase. No sneaky shipping costs, no worries.

One website that really helps you score major savings is Quibids.com, which puts a unique spin on the typical online auctioning model. Here’s how it works: buyers looking to get their hands on an item place a bid of 60-cents on the object of their desire. Once the auctioning of an item has started, each consecutive bid adds on 60-cents to the final price. The person who places the last bid when the timer runs out is the one who wins the item, making it both exciting to shop and a great way to save some serious cash.

Categories include electronics, jewelry, home and garden, and sports and recreation, among others. One thing to keep in mind: customers must buy and load money onto bid-packs before they can start bidding. This is a pre-paid account; the money is deducted from your pack as you place each bid. So while you may spend a little bit more than the winning bid to actually get an item, the savings are still huge compared to regular retail price.

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