3-Year-Old Wages War Against Mom for Cupcakes

When a preschool-aged toddler wants cupcakes, you can be sure he will do everything in his power to make it happen.

That is the case with a three-year-old who was recently recorded putting up one heck of a fight with his mom as he tried to convince her to let him eat cupcakes for dinner.

In the video, which is quickly going viral, the tot tries to win an argument with his mom, even calling her by her first name and using hand-gestures to quiet her down.

He starts almost every sentence with some variation of “Linda, Linda, listen, listen” before launching his case. He tries everything he can think, including reasoning that he should be allowed the treat since grandma lets him do so at her house. Like no mom has ever heard that one before.

Although many people applaud the young boy’s sincere and adorable efforts, some viewers haven’t taken so well to the content, commenting that it’s inappropriate for the boy to call his mother by her first name. In her defense, other viewers have pointed out the mom’s parenting style shouldn’t be judged by others and suggested they just appreciate the humor and innocence of the moment.

Check out the highlights for yourself in the video above.