30 Creepy Mugshots That Will Haunt Your Dreams Forever

While someone should never judge another person based off their physical appearance alone, this collection of creepy mugshots left us cringing.

Each photo is truly a testament of how ugly a life of crime can be. Before sifting through an entire online archive, maybe we were a bit naive, but we ended up discovering that there are a lot of really freaky looking people who get arrested.

These habitual felons are some of the most bizarre characters we have ever seen. We wouldn’t be surprised if these mugshots haunt your dreams forever. We know we’ll surely be having nightmares about them in our sleep tonight.

The criminals in this slideshow include the “half head man” who was charged with soliciting prostitution, a frightening guy charged with harassing women and asking if they’d like to be “Grinched” (wait until you see his photo), a murderer with a satanic “666” tattooed on his forehead, a sex offender, someone who decided to have sex with their couch, “Dracula,” and a father high on methamphetamine who reportedly tried to perform an exorcism on his 11-year-old son in the woods.

Mugshots are regularly a matter of public record, which means if you’ve been arrested at some point in your life (or might be in the future), your snapshot could be released online for the entire world to see.

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