The 29 Hottest Hollywood Dads That Melt Our Hearts and Make Us Swoon

There’s almost nothing quite as heartwarming as seeing a dad doting on his children. It’s lovely and sweet, but there’s also something undeniably sexy about watching a man taking care of a tiny little tot in his arms — especially if those arms are all big and muscley.

The 29 hottest Hollywood dads in the slideshow above are a perfect example of just that. These loving papas not only melt our hearts every time we see them interacting with their young ones, but they also provide plenty of eye-candy while doing so. Whether they’re chasing their kids around in a park, cradling their new-born or just showing off the youngest members of their families, they make us swoon through it all.

We’d be lying if we said we aren’t envious of the ladies who made these men fathers, but at least we can look all we want, right?

Check out the slideshow of hot Hollywood dads above and let us know what you think.