Could This Be a 300 Million-Year-Old Screw?

Archaeologists in Russia have been trying to figure out what is actually embedded in this meteor. Is it possible that the “screw” was developed in a galaxy far far away?

300 million year old screw

The object was first discovered outside of Moscow in 1998. Scientific evidence has proven that the “screw” contains iron atoms, which have spread and fused with the silicone atoms of the rock. It was also concluded that the age of the object is between 300 and 320 million-years-old.

The following video provides an explanation of what was discovered and provides a theory of how it was made:

According to Before It’s News, scientists first assumed the screw was from a farm machine. They changed their minds when they realized it was firmly embedded within the rock.

Additionally, it was decided that the components of the screw had to be artificially constructed, rather than naturally created.

This isn’t the only mystery screw that’s been discovered. Another one was discovered in the Kaluga region of Russia.