3D Dress Uses Smartphone to Strip You Naked

Here is a dress that gives a new meaning to the phrase “naked selfie.” If you didn’t already feel exposed and vulnerable by big data, you certainly will after wearing this risqué fashion-tech / art piece.

The interactive dress called “x.pose” was designed by Xuedi Chen and Pedro Oliveira, and it takes metadata from your smartphone— that is the data collected that tracks all of your digital movements— and adjusts itself based on the volume of information currently being transferred.

How does it “adjust”? As a person’s smartphone transmits data into the world, opaque panels on the 3D-printed dress fade away to reveal her naked skin. The sculpture’s function is to serve as a literal reflection of the wearer’s exposed privacy in the digital age.

Chen and Oliveira call it a “personalized wearable data-driven sculpture,” but x.pose serves as a reminder of how much of our privacy we freely give away, both with and without our knowledge, at any given moment wherever we go.
“In the digital realm, we have much less control of what we share,” said Chen. “In the digital realm we are naked and vulnerable.”

So, the more data produced, the more the dress exposes the wearer. Talk about the naked truth of our digital identity!

Smartphones are continually producing metadata, which can include everything from the user’s purchases and movements, to personal identity, music tastes and more.

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