See How a Tattoo Artist Is Giving Hope to Breast Cancer Survivors

Meet Vinnie Myers, the man changing lives of breast cancer survivor’s one nipple at a time. Vinnie creates incredibly detailed and realistic tattoos, but he is no ordinary tattoo artist.  Vinnie and his team have created a business out of 3D nipple and areola tattooing. Treating up to 2,000 women a year, their schedules are completely full.

As a tattoo artist you can imagine the impact you can have on someone’s life – permanently designing and marking people with phrases and images that mean so much to them. However, when you help someone feel better about themselves after a devastating illness, and live a normal life again, the art of tattooing is taken to the next level.

Vinny told The New York Times that about six years ago he almost decided to stop doing the 3D nipple art. He explained that at the time he felt like it took away from the actual art of the ink.

All of that changed when his sister called to say she had been diagnosed with breast cancer.

Motivated again, and realizing the impact of his work, he was back at it.

He has been widely praised and commended for the unique quality and detail of his work. The hyper-realistic nipples that he does have made him highly in-demand.

Women fly from all over the world to get a “Vinnie.”

The process starts with discussing the size, then a mixing of colors to create the perfect shade. At the end of the procedure the woman take a pin and mark on the map where they are from. Vinnie calls it a memento for him to remember where his patients come from.