3D Printing Robot That Can Build an Entire House is Now a Reality

The age of 3D printing is quickly evolving. However, despite the many wonderful advances in technology and manufacturing that these printers provide, they still come with a couple of catches. They aren’t very portable and they pretty much limit the size of a project to the confines of their little box.

So to break the mobility and size limitations, NEXT and LIFE labs created a 3D printing robot that can take any sized project and create it virtually anywhere!

The robot takes the technology of the standard 3D printer and makes it mobile via a set of wheels. The wheels are positioned to allow the printer to pivot at any angle necessary for a project.

Design Boom notes that the robot can be equipped with with a variety of printing materials including modeling clay, ceramics, and earthenware.

As Gizmodo observes, with this newfound mobility issues of size and space become less of an issue. The robot can use its own 3D printing to create stilted platforms or lifts to get where it needs to go to complete a project.

Above, you can check out a video the creators have released to demonstrate the robot’s potential.