4 Camping Must-Haves for 2013

As you plan your next camping excursion to a favorite locale, you may want to consider one or more of the gadgets we are about to share with you.

After being provided a number of products for review, our team has selected the following as “must have’s” for three reasons: (1) They are amazingly useful, (2) They are compact and easy-to-pack, and (3) They are affordable.

DoubleNest Hammock by Eagle’s Nest OutfittersEagles-Nest-Outfitters-DoubleNest-Hammock1
Have you ever been camping in the woods or by a beautiful beach and wished that you had a hammock on which to relax? The assumption is that hammocks are bulky and a pain to carry on long pack trips. This is where the DoubleNest Hammock comes in — only weighing 22 ounces and fitting in a woven Nylon pouch, you can take it anywhere.

Daytripper™ Solar Charger

In the case that you won’t be near electrical outlets and want to keep your cell phone juiced, the Daytripper™ Solar Multi-1-daytripper-chargerDevice Charger is powered by the sun and runs for five hours on a single charge. The compact device includes a USB output that ensures compatibility with most any charging cable. Plus, it is light weight and easy to pack and carry no matter where you roam.

 Scrubba™ Wash Bag

The easy-to-pack wash bag allows for you to keep your clothes crisp and clean – no power or electricity required. All you need is a small amount of detergent, water, a pair of hands, and a nice place to hang your clothing.  Scrubba is also great to have around the house in case of a power outage or emergency.

Here’s a great video that explains the product in detail:

b?m Wireless: Mobile Speaker

bem-bluetooth-speakersIf you love camping and sharing your favorite tunes in the evening, the bem Wireless Mobile Speaker is a must. The tiny 2.5 inch cubed mobile speaker is surprisingly powerful and delivers precision-tuned sound. The device syncs with your iPhone, Smartphone, iPod, iPad, or other Bluetooth ready device. As long as you are within 40 feet of your b?m, your tunes will continue to roll. You can also use the speaker as a car phone charger if needed with a USB cable.