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4 People Who Died and Went to Hell and Back

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According to the Bible, hell is a place of eternal torment and suffering. While we’ve seen a lot of people die and share their accounts of visiting the pearly gates of heaven, these four people reported died and went to hell and back.

Their stories convinced believers and non-believers alike that this dreaded place is real and hot as hell.

Matthew Botsford

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Matthew Botsford (pictured above) was not a Christian until a stray bullet hit his head in 1992 while he was at a restaurant in Atlanta. He was said to have died on the scene.  Botsford remembers immediately entering a place of complete darkness and fear. There, his wrists and ankles were chained up and there was intense heat all around him. Boiling lava sludge flowed at his feet, burning off his legs before the flesh re-formed. Botsford then saw a hand descending to him, paired with angelic music and great light. It lifted his entire body and the chains were removed. Then he heard a thunderous voice say, “It’s not your time.” He woke up from a coma after 27 days and is now a firm believer of hell.

Jennifer Perez

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Jennifer Perez grew up in a Christian household but left her religious ways as a teen to explore her curiosities. Her friend convinced her to take some drugs and she ended up passing out and getting rushed to the hospital. Once there, she felt her soul leave her physical body and she saw herself in the hospital bed. From there, she was taken to heaven and then hell. The first thing she remembers about hell was being extremely thirsty. She yelled and cried but her tears evaporated in seconds. She saw demons torturing men and women of all ages, and the screams of agony pierced her ears. She was taken out of hell and given the command to explain the things she saw to the world.

Howard Storm

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Howard Storm was an atheist and repulsed by the thought of religion. He was dying in a hospital bed from a punctured stomach when two silhouettes asked him to follow them. He saw his soul leave his physical body. After some time of following the two shapes, they started to get violent and tore off pieces of his flesh and beat him. What he refers to as his “inner voice” then called out to him and told him to pray and ask Jesus to save him. He told the voices, “I don’t pray.” Eventually he did, and the attackers disappeared. Since then, he has changed his life and is a minister of the United Church of Christ.

Jose Maniyangat

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Jose Maniyangat was riding his motorcycle when he was hit by a drunk driver. On his way to the hospital, he had an out-of-body experience and visited heaven, hell and purgatory. While in hell, he says it was 2,000 degrees Farenheiht. Many people were being tortured by demons and worms, but he was mostly shocked to see priests and bishops in hell. He understood that there were different “levels” of suffering due to the kinds of sins that were committed in their former lives. After doctors pronounced Maniyangat dead, he was transported to the morgue. After his soul re-entered his body, doctors took him back to the hospital. Today, he continues to serve the Catholic church.

Whether or not you believe in the realities of hell, these four accounts are terrifying to the core.

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