4 Reasons Celebrities Prefer Drug Store Products

You would think with millions at their disposal, celebs would use only high end makeup products, but they often use the same popular mascaras, foundations, and eye shadows you and I do!

Here are four reasons celebs prefer drug store makeup lines to more expensive department store brands.

Celebs are often traveling all over the world for work. When you’re in another country, it’s important to have cosmetics at your disposal that you know, and celebs feel the same way. These days you can find makeup lines like Maybelline, L’Oreal, Cover Girl, Revlon, and Almay everywhere. From grocery stores to gas stations and convenience stores, these products are everywhere in every country.

Celebs love free stuff just as much as the average female, and when they endorse products, they not only get paid, they receive an endless supply of products for free! Reese Witherspoon is the global ambassador for Avon Cosmetics, Taylor Swift is one of many celeb spokeswomen for Cover Girl, and Katie Holmes is the first celeb to be named the new face of Bobbi Brown Cosmetics!

Celebrities like to save money like anyone else, and regular drug store brands are far cheaper and just as effective as many high-end brands; just look at magazines like Cosmo or Lucky, where the editors are constantly listing every day cosmetics alongside more exclusive options. Likewise, celebs have no privacy anymore, and are constantly photographed doing everything, no matter how mundane. With drug store lines being inexpensive, they can buy in bulk and stash multiple sets of products in their gym bags, purses, cars, etc., thus removing the last-minute need to dash out to make a quick purchase, sans makeup.

Many celebs confess to using products given to them by makeup artists on film sets or photo shoots. And, makeup artists swear by a few select drug store products that work for everyone: Patene shampoo and conditioner, Neutrogena sunscreen, Revlon Colorstay foundation, Maybelline Great Lash mascara, Cover Girl Lip Stains, and L’Oreal HIP High Intensity eye shadow.

So, the next time you make a trip to your neighborhood drug store, you may just run into your favorite celeb stocking up on her favorites as well!

Photo: apples-and-lemons.blogspot.com