4-Year-Old Boy Asks Santa to Pray with Him and the Reason Why Will Move Your Heart

A four-year-old boy in South Carolina had the chance to go meet Santa. This would be a magical, joyous event for most small children, as it is a chance to ask for all the toys and fun things they could possibly dream up. Prestyn Barnette, on the other hand, wanted to ask Santa for something much more serious.

When Prestyn finally got to meet Santa at his local mall, he asked him to pray with him for a sick baby fighting for life.

Now the photo of the pair, on their knees with their heads bowed in prayer in front of Santa’s chair, has touched the hearts of thousands and gone viral.

Amazingly, Prestyn doesn’t even know the little baby, who is reportedly on life support in a Las Vegas hospital. Prestyn heard about the baby through his grandfather’s prayer group.

Apparently the baby had been found unresponsive by his father in November, and has been fighting for his life since.