4-Year-Old Boy Lives Alone with Dead Mother for Days Before Being Rescued

Bryan Allen

Four-year-old Bryan Allen is believed to have spent two days alone in his home with the body of his dead mother, before anyone realized something was wrong. According to reports from the New York Police Department in Buffalo, Allen survived by himself drinking milk and maple syrup after his mother, 43-year-old Sheleena Hamilton, died.

The incident wasn’t discovered until a Rent-A-Center worker called the house regarding a scheduled delivery. Taijuan Littleton said he thought something seemed wrong when he spoke with the child on the phone.

When he went to their apartment to check in on them, he said he could hear the child talking but nobody answered the door.

He found a window to look through, and saw Hamilton on the floor.

After calling the authorities and convincing the boy to let him in, Littleton brought the child back to his truck to wait for police.

Apparently the distraught child said he “couldn’t wake up his mother,” and thought that she had been sleeping. Allen was also cold from being on his own for two days, and Littleton wrapped him in a blanket while they waited.

Neighbors reported that they had heard the child crying about being hungry, but didn’t think anything serious enough to report was going on.

According to the autopsy report, Hamilton died on natural causes stemming from a blood clot near her heart. The clot caused her to fall down some stairs, and the fall broke her neck.

The child has been handed into the custody of relatives.

Now Littleton is being called a hero for rescuing the child, and the local police have started collecting donated Christmas gifts for Allen.