VIRAL VIDEO FLASHBACK: 4-Year-Old Boy Moved to Tears by Emotional Song “Say Something”

We’ve all experienced the grip of a song that’s so powerful, so moving that we can’t help but be reduced to tears. Sometimes they’re happy tears, sometimes they’re sad tears, but whatever emotion they stir up, we’re left sobbing uncontrollably at the sound of them.

Most of us however, weren’t 4-years-old when we had our first such experience. At that age, we usually displayed one of two reactions to songs: complete indifference or dance-inducing joy. And that is what makes this recent YouTube video of a tiny toddler, who is emotionally consumed by a song, so incredible.

YouTube User Mark Blitch uploaded the video showing his son, Jackson, sobbing to A Great Big World’s “Say Something,” an emotional tune featuring Christina Aguilera. The dad explained he changed the radio station when the song first came on, but Jackson wanted it back on. He describes the moment as the first one the toddler has been “moved.”

In the video a concerned Blitch, witnessing his son crying nonstop asks him multiple times if he’s okay with the song playing. The toddler responds with a yes each time, even giving a double thumbs up at the end.

This video of the toddler crying to a song has been up for only five days at the time of this writing, but is poised to go viral, with nearly 300,000 views and giant publications such as Business Insider and Huffington Post UK picking it up.

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