4-Year-Old Sleepwalks More Than Three Miles After Dreaming Her House Was on Fire

It has been reported that a four-year-old girl in Norway sleepwalked more than three miles on Sunday night after having a nightmare about her house being on fire.

The girl’s aunt, who was watching over her while her mother was on vacation, wasn’t even aware that she was missing from the comfort of her bed until police officers alerted her of their discovery.

Wearing only her underwear and a pair of boots, she was found around 6:30 Monday morning walking along the road in the freezing cold.

“She must’ve been out for several hours. And in this weather, it’s been really cold and miserable. The house was rumbling in the night, there’s been such a strong wind,” her aunt explained to the BBC.

When asked, the youngster said that all she remembers is seeing the house on fire in her dreams, putting on her boots and unlocking the front door.

Fortunately, the girl wasn’t harmed, but from now on, her family will probably be keeping their eye on her as she sleeps.

Police chief Jan-Olav Schjølberg said to Finnmark Dagblad: “According to those who know the girl, she sleepwalks sometimes. But it’s a bit special she managed to walk so far.”

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