5 Aborted Babies Who Lived to Tell Their Tale

The controversy between pro-life and pro-choice activists continues to grow every day. However, one thing is for certain, a survivor in any situation is seen as a miracle, no matter what side of the spectrum you stand on.

Here is a list of five babies who survived their abortion procedures and lived to tell their tale:

  1. Melissa Ohden’s birth mother decided to have her baby aborted at about seven months into her pregnancy. She opted for a saline abortion, which injects a salt solution into the mother’s womb, killing the baby. The mother then delivers a dead fetus within the next 24 hours. Melissa’s body came out and was quickly disposed of, however a nurse saved Melissa’s life when she heard her crying in a garbage can.
    Melissa is now a pro-life activist and gave birth to a child in the very hospital she was almost aborted in.
  2. Josiah Presley’s birth mother was two months into her pregnancy when she decided she would have an abortion. A few months after her procedure, the doctors told her there was still a baby growing inside of her. The abortion had evidently failed, so this time Josiah’s mother decided to give birth and put him up for adoption. Josiah was born a healthy boy but with a deformed left arm; he was eventually adopted into a family in Oklahoma. He now considers himself an abolitionist to eradicate abortion as an option.
  3. Claire Culwell’s birth mother was impregnated at the age of 13. Medically and economically, she was too young to have children so she decided to carry on with an abortion. She was told the abortion was successful. However, a few weeks later, she noticed that her baby bump was only getting bigger. She went back to the clinic and was told that she was still pregnant. It turns out, the abortion had taken the life of the first child in a set of twins, and Claire was the survivor. She is now a healthy woman who has broadcast her story to the world.
  4. Heidi Huffman’s birth mother was 17-years-old when she got pregnant and was forced into an abortion by her parents and her boyfriend’s parents. She went through the entire procedure and felt the suction machine pulling at her insides, but two months after the procedure her physician discovered the abortion had failed. Heidi was born through an emergency C-section —15 inches long and weighing three pounds. She now travels to different abortion clinics around the United States with her mother, urging women not to go through with their abortions.
  5. Tim Berndt’s parents found out he would have Down Syndrome so they decided to abort him late into the pregnancy at 25 weeks. When they carried out the abortion process, Tim was breathing, moving, and his heart was beating. The medics did nothing to treat him as they expected him to die. However, after ten hours, he was still alive and a nurse finally looked after him. Due to the lack of care he received when he was born, he has severe disabilities to his eyes, brain, and lungs. He was adopted into a foster home soon after his birth and is now attending a special school.