Celebs Who Ran the NYC Marathon

No matter what you do in life, running 26 miles and 385 yards is no joke and not for the faint of heart. These celebs did it. Finished the race. And raised a lot of money from some great causes.

Check out our slide show featuring celebrities New York City Marathon coverage.

And, if you want something kind of funny to feed into your day, check this out.

Sly Selfies Catch ‘Hot Guys’ During NY Half-Marathon

So this is a deal, and it’s making us laugh. A New York City half-marathon runner found a way to entertain herself during the entire 13.1-mile race. Kelly Roberts, 24, decided to Instagram pictures not of the race, but of the men running in it. She chose what she described as a “hot guy” for every mile of the half-marathon and positioned herself to take a selfie.

This clip initially aired on the KTLA 5 Morning News on Friday, March 21, 2014. Watch the video, then let us know: Did this girl have good taste?