5 No-Fail Ways to Be Absolutely Miserable

What is happiness?

That’s one of the oldest and most vague questions out there and one with several varied answers, depending on whom you ask.

Some say being happy is all about having a certain type of mindset, others say it’s about doing things a certain way, while others may think it’s about accumulating possessions. No matter what you think about happiness, it’s clear that there is no one and set definition and that can make it pretty difficult to put your finger on what exactly it means to actually experience this emotion.

So it’s no wonder then that when it comes to achieving happiness in our lives, it can be a little tricky to do so.  If we don’t know what happiness is, how can we work on actually bringing it about?

While figuring out what works can take time and often requires a certain amount of trial-and-error, it’s easier to define what doesn’t bring about happiness; we know what doesn’t help, because well, quite frankly, these are the things we’ve already tried and haven’t exactly experienced a positive pay-off.

The six habits above are common roadblocks for people trying to attain continued happiness. And we’re not just pulling this from personal experience alone. Positive psychology experts and researchers have found higher levels of dissatisfaction, depression and negative emotions in people who engage in these activities than those who do the opposite.

If you’re one to continually practice these behaviors, you’re on the right road to becoming and remaining absolutely miserable. If you want to see a different outcome, we suggest you switch up your habits.