5 Fun Workouts to Keep You Breaking a Sweat!

The number one thing that keeps people from working out long term is boredom. Your body get accumulated to a workout routine in 4-6 weeks. That’s why it’s so important to switch things up as often as you can. Not only does your mind get bored of the same old thing, but so do your muscles! Below you’ll find five new workouts to get you excited about exercising again, and maybe just feel like a kid again.

A surefire way to keep from getting bored is to constantly switch from one exercise to the next without stopping. By incorporating circuit training you’ll never do one exercise for more than a few minutes before you switch to the next one. The more circuit exercises you incorporate, the shorter duration of time for each one. To get your heart rate up and down, consider alternating cardio moves like jump squats and burpees mixed with weight training moves like dead lifts and bent over rows.

I know what you’re thinking-dancing isn’t a workout. But, for every hour you’re in the club or at home, shaking your groove thing sizzles hundreds of calories. And, best of all, its fun! Gyms have taken notice and classes like Zumba, swing dancing, hip hop mania, ballet, and more have been added to class schedules. Having fun while torching hundreds of calories? Score!

3. BOXINGboxing-moves
Who knew hitting a heaving bag was an an all body workout? Boxers! And, you don’t need to be Mike Tyson to get in on the punching. Purchase a pair of boxing gloves from a sports store (they are less than $30 for most pairs) and hit your local gym. Many have boxing bags you can punch away your stress and anger on. Consider taking a class to learn the main moves (jab, right cross, hook, upper cut) and you’ll be sculpting sleek arm and back muscles in no time!

If you’re not a fan of running and need a quick cardio workout you can do anywhere, invest in a $5 jump rope. Not only will it take you back to your carefree childhood, jump roping burns approximately 10 calories a minute. To up the burn even more, try a weighted jump rope. You’ll be working both your lower and upper body at the same time.

Like the jump rope, hula hoops take us back to our childhood. And, before you ask, yes you will look more silly doing this as an adult than a kid. So, have your kid join in and you can do it together! It’s a great ab workout and a silly way to get in some exercise while spending time with your kids.

Main Photo: lovingyou.com
Secondary Photo: boxerfit.co.nz