5 Disturbing Post-Death Adventures of Famous People’s Bodies

For most people, the end of their lives mark the very last of their adventures. For some folks, however, the physical journey continues past their last breath.

The five famous people in the above slideshow may have passed away, but their stories didn’t end at the funeral. Scroll through and read below to see some of the most odd and (in some cases) disturbing adventures these famous people’s bodies went on, post-death.

Rapper, Tupac Shakur

In 2011, Tupac Shakur’s former band members finally confirmed the long standing rumor that they smoked his ashes after he was cremated.

They told VLADTV, “We were giving him our own farewell…If you listen to Black Jesus, he said, ‘Last wishes, niggas smoke my ashes.’That was a request that he had. Now, how serious he was about it? We took it serious.”

Classical Composer, Joseph Haydn

Following his burial, two men dug up the celebrated composer’s grave in the early 1800s to study his skull to find the “music bump” that they believed fueled the composer’s musical talents.

In 1820, Prince Esterhazy decided to redo his burial since the first one was simple and not befitting someone of his notability. After digging up the body and realizing the head was missing, he nailed down the perpetrators, who bought a fake head and passed it off as the real thing.

It wasn’t till 1932, that the prince’s family learned Haydn’s skull had actually made its way into an Austrian’s museum and after two decades of negotiation, they were able to finally reunite head and body together.

Legendary Radio Host, Casey Kasem

Even before he passed, the legendary radio host’s children and their stepmother, Jean went through a fierce battle over his care. After he passed from Lewy body dementia, the saga continued and finally came to an end when his body was buried. But it didn’t happen quickly – instead, it took a whole six months after his passing to lay his body down to rest in Norway.

His children were not told of the burial, since the wife was the conservator of his remains and chose to keep the details to herself until after he was buried.

British Poet, Percy Shelley

The poet, and husband to Frankenstein author, Mary Shelley, came to his end while attempting to sail through a storm and drowning off the coast of Italy in 1822. After ten days of floating in the water, his body finally washed up ashore.

Italian laws of the time dictated his body be cremated on the beach, to keep it from possibly spreading disease, so his loved ones gathered to burn the corpse right there. But while the rest of his body turned to ashes, one organ refused to disintegrate at the same speed as the rest of the body.

Although it is believed now it was his liver, one of Shelley’s friends thought the body part was his heart, and decided to keep it. After the beach burial, he gave it to another poet friend of Shelley who wasn’t present for the cremation. Overwhelmed with the gift, he then passed it on to his widow, who then kept it with her until her own death.

Spy/Double Agent, Mata Hari

After being accused of acting as a double agent, Margarethe Zelle, better known as Mata Hari, was executed by the French firing squad in 1917. No one claimed her body, so the Museum of Anatomy in Paris brought it into its collection. They featured her wax-preserved head in the “notorious criminals” wing for quite some time, but when the museum shut down in 2000, no one could find her remains.

The body, head, and all the paperwork related to her acquisition was missing without a trace, and the mystery regarding the whereabouts has yet to be solved.