5 Last Minute Gifts for Your Thanksgiving Host

It’s the day before Thanksgiving and you and your family have been invited to another home to share a holiday meal. Whether it’s a family member, a neighbor or a friend, arriving empty handed to your destination can be rude, so it’s always best to come with something.

But, you’ve waited until the last minute and now you don’t know what to get. Relax, we’ve got five gift ideas sure to please any host or hostess.

1. Keep it Thoughtful
If you know your host loves to write, buy her some pretty stationary she can use year round. Bonus points if you can find something personalized!

2. Be Playful
If the man of the house does the cooking, a masculine apron could be just the ticket (provided he doesn’t already have one he loves to wear).

3. Always Appropriate
A bottle of wine, a basket of fresh fruit, or a nice houseplant can be classic gifts, provided they meet the need of your host (a wine lover, a nutritional eater, or someone who enjoys taking care of house plants).

4. Make a Dish
Sometimes what a host wants most is for guests to contribute to the meal. Find out what they need, make it, and put it in a nice dish they can keep after the holiday is over. Its two gifts in one!

5. Bring a DVD
The newest blockbuster just came out and you know your host is a fan. Buy it, put a festive bow or ribbon on it, and add a note saying it’s something to relax with after the party is over, and thanks for the invite!