Get Bigger, Fuller Lips in 5 EASY Steps!

If you weren’t born with lips as full as you’d like them to be, don’t worry. With these 5 makeup tricks for bigger lips, you’ll achieve a full, beautiful pout you’ve desired – no fillers required!

1. Start with a lip balm – Lips that are moisturized automatically look healthier and fuller. Try a classic moisturizer such as Burt’s Bees lip balm or Eos lip balm.

2. Line your lips to “enlarge” them – Apply a lip liner such as Revlon’s Colorstay lip liner or Charlotte Tilbury’s Lip Cheat liner around the outside borders of your lip that’s as close to your natural lip shade as possible. Creating the perception of a larger, fuller pout. Fill in the lip to create a base for the lipstick.

3. Apply your favorite lipstick – Choose a lighter shade as darker colors tend to make lips look smaller. Make sure to apply an even amount of coverage and go with a long-lasting formula such as Bobbi Brown’s lipstick or Rimmel by Kate Moss lipstick.

4. Apply a highlight to the top of your lips – Highlighting the ridge on the top of your lips will make them look like they have more of a pout such as Trish Mcvoy’s or MAC’s cream color.

5. Finish off with a gloss – Dab gloss in the middle of your bottom lip and smudge it around. This will attract light to the fullest parts of your lip, making them appear bigger. Try NARS or Two Faced lip gloss.