WATCH: The 5 Most Popular Videos of 2013

For some of you, a few videos is all you need to see for a concise wrap-up of 2013.

For others, it’s the way you get the news. Either way, we’ve curated our “best of” list and put together our most-watched videos, all into one post.

The 5 Most Popular Videos of 2013

Prepare to be moved.

1. A Girl’s Life is Saved

Our first video is of a young girl who desperately need a medical miracle. She got her miracle, and it’s nearly impossible to imagine she’d have her life saved from a virus that has mercilessly taken the lives of so many.

2. Ellen Degeneres Gets a Boyfriend

Everyone loves Ellen Degeneres, but  Kai  Langer, will steal your heart. How can Ellen help but have her heart stolen.

3. The Russians Make a Tampon Commercial

The  Russian division of Tampax created this insane and slightly bizarre 30-second spot that can only be seen to be understood. We thought it was hysterical. Let us know what you think.

4. Baby Elephants Break Our Hearts

A keeper at the Shendiaoshan wild animal reserve in Rong-cheng, China, adopted a newborn elephant after its mother rejected and attempted to kill him.

The new arrival, called Zhuang-zhuang, cried uncontrollably for five hours under a blanket after he was taken away from his mother.

5. Matt Lauer Gets Bitch Slapped by Al Roker

This “joke” happened at the end of an interview with Roker, Lauer, Guthrie and Tamron Hall and  members of the U.S. women’s rowing team. The team explained that their tradition when winning was to throw their coxswain into the water. From that, Lauer said how the tradition in New York is to throw her into the Hudson River.

From that Roker said, “Which is different than our tradition, in which you throw one of us under the bus, but that’s another story.”

Lauer and Guthrie then playfully scolded Roker, but we’re betting there was some kind of scolding after the cameras went off.

This video has been removed–booooo!