5 Most Stylish Engagement Ring Trends of 2015

engagement ring trends 2015

Historically, selecting the engagement ring has been left up to the man. But, there’s nothing wrong with cluing your guy in on what style you like best. That’s why we’re here to help you point him in the right direction.

Above is our slide show, and below we’ve got more info on each of the styles and why they’re our top picks.

Engagement Ring Trends 2015


The cushion-style engagement ring is one of the most popular and most stylish choices. This style offers a romantic, soft shape for a timeless look. Many brides choose solitaire or halo settings that emphasize their cushion-cut diamond. This diamond cut has a lot of character and just the right amount of vintage charm.

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Modern brides love the look of the princess cut. This diamond is cut into a pyramid shape with clean lines and angles, making for an elegant style. Rivaling the popularity of the round cut style, square brilliant cut diamonds come closest out of all of the diamond cuts to achieving the brilliance of the round diamond.


A variation of the round brilliant cut, the marquise cut has elongated ends that stretch into an oval-like shape. This style has one of the largest crown surfaces of all the diamond cuts, making it the perfect choice for brides wishing to maximize the perceived size of their engagement rings. Many contemporary brides are opting for an east-west orientation for a fresh look; however, the traditional vertical orientation (pictured above) flatters the fingers and creates a slimming effect. The marquise cut is a favorite of celebrities, including Catherine Zeta-Jones and Portia de Rossi. And it’s no secret why; this style offers a stunning shine like no other.


This shape was initially created for the cutting of emeralds, hence the name. But today, emerald-cut diamonds are an increasingly popular choice. Although the emerald cut does not offer the sparkling brilliance of other diamond cuts, it doesn’t disappoint. The long lines of the emerald cut give it an elegant look, and it seems to interplay both light and dark, giving it a sort of hall-of-mirrors effect. The cuts vary from rectangular to square, and many diamond experts can help you find the exact emerald cut you’re looking for. However, if you like the square cut, you might want to consider our next diamond style.


This cut is a tasteful alternative to the round cut style and a wonderful option for brides who like the style of emerald cut but prefer it to be more square. The deep asscher cut offers an effect that is almost mesmerizing. This fancy cut has 58 facets that make it sparkle and shine, and the royal asscher cut features 75 facets, for an even more brilliant look. Created in 1902 and popularized in the Art Deco period (1920s to 1930s), the asscher cut has experienced a resurgence in popularity in recent years, earning it a spot on our list of the top engagement ring trends of 2015.

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