5 Natural Flu Remedies – Simple Ways to Beat the Bug

On the fence on getting the flu shot? You’ve probably already noticed there is a raging debate currently underway in the US surrounding the issue. In fact, according to The Washington Post it has been reported that 64.8 percent of Americans are skeptical of the advice they are receiving from the Center for Disease Control (CDC), Homeland Security leaders and mainstream media.

According to WebMD writer Daniel J. DeNoon, the five most common fears Americans have surrounding the flu shot include:

  • Getting the flu as a reaction to the shot.
  • The flu vaccine is too new to be trusted and may cause early Alzheimer’s and other major secondary issues.
  • The body’s natural immunity against the flu will be compromised.
  • Flu season is already here, so it’s too late to get the shot.
  • Shots are painful!!

Don’t want a flu shot? Check out these natural flu remedies. If you have had the shot, keep reading — the CDC has admitted it’s only 62 percent effective.

1. Onions, Baby!
Onions have all sorts of sulfuric properties that have the power to kick the flu in the gut. Yoga master B.K.S Iyengar (now 94-years-old) has long suggested that every human being should eat one whole onion a day to live a long and healthy life. The British Journal of Nutrition proved this to be true in a recent study revealing that onions fight free-radicals.

2. Garlic
The University of Florida, led by Susan S. Percival, discovered that garlic supplements increase NK cells and gamma delta T-cells when consumed regularly. Additionally, those who take garlic supplements or eat naturally occurring  garlic while sick can dramatically cut down the severity and length off flu symptoms.

3. Astragalus
Famed nutritionist Dr. Andrew Weil swears by astragalus, a naturally occurring herb that has been used for centuries in China. Its properties strengthen the immune system and is even good for the heart. Weil suggests purchasing a high-quality version of astragalus and following recommended usage.

4. Green Tea
According to a report in Men’s Health and Fitness, when consumed daily green tea cuts your chances of getting the flu down by a whopping 70 percent! The magazine cited a study by Japanese researchers who found that Catechins bind the the flu virus empowers healthy cells. Loose leaf tea is recommended over bagged tea – simply because it is higher in concentration.

5. Vitamin Supplements
Dr. Weil recommends that you take a high-quality multi-vitamin every day. Additionally, individual zinc, Vitamin C, Vitamin D, and B-Complex supplements promote balanced health.

Beyond filling the body with power-packed elements, the World Health Organization also promotes regular exercise, a strict sleeping schedule (8 hours if possible), stress management and regular hand-washing. The CDC goes as far as to suggest that one should wash their hands several times throughout the day for at least 20 seconds a time.

“It would be silly to not get the flu shot,” writes Ellis Henican. Wildly enough, there are plenty who disagree.

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