5 Reasons Why Artificial Trees Trump Real Ones

Artificial Christmas trees have come a long way since the days of spindly branches, flimsy plastic needles, wiry limbs, and the “some assembly required” set up. Today’s artificial trees are a significant improvement over the sideways-leaning, unstable, and Charlie Brown-esque fake trees that once dominated the market. So much so, that the line between artificial and real trees is becoming more blurry, with some of the top artificial Christmas trees on the market looking just as good — if not better — than the real thing.

artificial tree versus fake tree

If you’ve been contemplating about making the switch from real to artificial some day, here are five reasons why the future is now.

They’re safer for your pets

While the smell of fresh pine wafting through your home for a few weeks is delightful, real trees pose significant short and long-term health risks to cats and dogs. In fact, most real Christmas trees are mildly toxic for pets. The oils of fir trees can be irritating to the mouth and stomach lining of household pets. This irritation can cause drooling and vomiting. Fully ingested tree needles can cause GI irritation, vomiting, punctures or a gastrointestinal obstruction. The toxicity level depends on how much your pet ingests, but if Fluffy or Fido love to chew, it’s certainly safer to go fake.

You can choose from many different styles and heights

Scouring a cold outdoor venue for a tree in the perfect shape, style and height to fit your space can be exhausting. With an artificial tree, you can buy anytime during the year and ensure that your tree is the exact  height, price, light type, needle type and shape for your space. Options are endless, as artificial trees can be as short as 4-feet or less and as tall as 12 feet or taller, often come pre-lit with the option of clear, multicolored or LED light, and if you love the look of a particular tree, you can buy a tree made to look just like a fir, spruce, pine or other style.

They’re easy to set-up and decorate

In just a few easy steps, today’s trees assemble by simply folding out the trees branches — and with lights already installed you don’t have to worry about untangling and stringing. Without difficult set-up or lights to deal with, an artificial tree proves a lot more convenient than a real tree–not to mention the difficulty of disposing of a real tree–which often includes a trip to the dump and a path of needles through your house to the car or curb.

They come with plenty of built-in features and perks

The flimsy artificial trees that used to plague the market have given way to sturdy, durable trees with built-in features that are hard to pass up. Some of the best artificial trees this season include an incredibly realistic structure and branches that won’t drop under the weight of ornaments, life-like fullness, an on/off switch located on a foot pedal, electrical wiring for your tree topper and zip up bags for perfect storage without having to stuff the whole tree back into the original packaging.

You can reuse it year after year

One of the best perks of an artificial tree is that you can use it for years to come. Most top-of-the-line artificial trees have lights that are guaranteed to last at least six years — and come with included bulbs for changing out any dead lights.

Pre-Christmas is a great time to catch a good deal on artificial trees. You can also find great deals after Christmas and even at some points during the off-season. Once you find a tree you like, keep tabs on it to find out when it goes on sale — and when the time is right, you’ll have an artificial tree that’s even better than a real one.

Think of all the real trees you’ll be saving and given the price per use, how much money you’ll be saving.