WATCH: 5 Scariest Killer Dads You’d NEVER Want to Meet

It’s safe to say that not all dads are created equally. There are some that have the power to guide children to grow into productive, powerful human beings — while others are just plain destructive.

The above video features five of the freakiest dads to walk the planet. You will not believe the things they’ve done. Proceed with caution, as these stories are quite terrifying.

Need to read something more uplifting about dads? Check out this beautiful slideshow of dads doing super cool things for their kids.

15 Dads Being Awesome!

This daddy and daughter pair coordinate their Star Wars-themed costumes perfectly!

Slide 16
Slide 16

Dad could have used a bit more finesse with painting the beard on his son, but it doesn’t really matter. These two nail the lumberjack/hipster look.

Auto-dad goes one step beyond matching outfits. He got his little guy a matching ride!

These two relax and kick back with a nice cold one.

Awesome dads coach their kids in sports.

They also teach them how to play instruments.

But most importantly they teach them how to take naps.

This dad and daughter duo successfully (and adorably) reenact an old picture — complete with a colorful blanket!

Mom must have her hands full with this adrenaline-junkie twosome.

This little girl won’t be smiling when she’s old enough to realize what she has gotten herself into.

This dad understands the importance of quality tea time with his daughter.

This little boy is getting an early education in good grooming habits.

While this one is learning the ins and outs of keeping a car in great running condition.

Even bad ass skateboarder Tony Hawk has no choice when it comes to play time activities with his daughter.

Mufasa and Simba are the best father-and-son pair ever!

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