5 Spring Fashion Trends Try on for Size

If one of your New Year’s resolutions is to shake up your wardrobe for 2013, you’re in luck. The spring runway shows are displaying styles any woman can try, even on a budget.

Barbara Atkin, vice-president of fashion direction for Holt Renfrew, shares which runway picks can have you looking fashion forward for 2013.

1. See-through
Now, don’t get scared. No one said it had to be your blouse! (Although you can definitely pull this off, just wear a camisole underneath). Atkin says transparent shoes, belts, and tote bags are everywhere. If you want to take the plunge with clothing, you just need to show a little skin. A hint of back, arm, stomach—anything that teases a little skin exposure without baring it all.

2. Loose-fitting tunic
This comfortable garment was seen on runways everywhere, with Italian fashion label Gucci unveiling bright, colorful looks. The big trend is to wear it over skinny leggings or as more of a short dress than a long top. Short skirts will work as well, as long as they’re a tight silhouette like a knee-length pencil skirt.

3. Headbands
Surprisingly, your young daughter is a fashion leader in the making! Thanks to the female characters of Gossip Girl, headwear like headbands and hair bows are all the rage. Can’t stomach the thought of returning to your adolescence? Fedora hats are also a big ticket item for spring.

4. Peplum
Defined as “a short overskirt or ruffle attached at the waistline of a jacket, blouse, or dress,” this popular look is going to stick around next year. Atkin says it’s a look that can flatter any woman because it cinches in at the waist. So, it’s a particularly attractive look for an hourglass shape, or it can give curves to a woman who doesn’t have any. It can also be dressed up or down, for whatever occasion you want.

5. Bright leather shades
Go bold, or go home. That’s the message behind designer’s inspiration of bright hues like red and mustard on edgier pieces like leather jackets, shoes, and purses. Not into leather? No problem. Atkin suggests adding a pop of color on anything you plan to wear, whether it’s costume jewelry, a t-shirt, or a belt.