5 Super Cool Products from Luxury Automakers That You Can’t Drive

Let’s face facts: Most of us can’t afford a Lamborghini Diablo, a Rolls-Royce Phantom, or any other high-tier luxury car. But that doesn’t stop us from wanting them. Why the draw?

Sure, there are the obvious reasons. These luxury cars perform far better than the ones most of us can actually purchase. They feature smoother rides, better horsepower, and the companies selling these automobiles offer such superior customer service that you’ll think you were marrying into someone’s family — without all the uncomfortable in-fighting and baggage that normally goes along with that statement.

That treatment is also part of the bigger reason why many of us are drawn to these A-list rides. It’s because owning one of these cars brings a person into an entirely new lifestyle, a level of extravagant living that we see in movies, TV shows, and tabloid magazines. It’s fantasy made reality, and who doesn’t want a little fantasy in their every day, mundane, bill-worrying life?

Fortunately, there is a way you can live the life without committing to a full car purchase. Many of these luxury automakers create incredibly cool items that you can’t drive, but that are emblazoned with the company logo. Web2Carz.com, the car shopping and reviews website, created a fun article that highlights some of these items. We’re not talking about Ferrari  Eau De Toilette or Porsche sneakers, but really high-end merch.

Check out five of the most decadent non-auto auto-swag in the slide show above.