5 Thrifty Tips to Keep Your Home Organized

People who entertain often keep very tidy homes. But, what about those of us who fall somewhere in the middle? Not necessarily messy, but not neat as a pin either.

Below are five simple and cheap tips to keep your home organized when you’re busy or in a hurry. They don’t require a lot of money, cleaning time, or organization. Just toss stuff in and make your home more inviting to your guests. They’ll never guess you didn’t spend hours cleaning!

1. Storage Baskets
Decorative baskets placed strategically throughout your home not only makes you look more organized, it gives a homey feel to your personal space. Major bonus: baskets can help you declutter in a hurry—magazines, books, bills, papers, and other knick knacks can be thrown into a basket in a hurry, freeing up space for your guests. These Winsome Capri foldable fabric baskets come in a set of 6, look clean and neat, and fold up when you don’t need them.

2. Trays
They can be used on anything from a side table, to a vanity, to a bathroom counter or kitchen bar — helping you stay organized without looking fussy. Mirror trays look particularly elegant holding perfume bottles or lotions, but wood or retro metal trays also work great.

3. Blankets
Draping blankets over couch cushions or folded on the ends of beds add a look of polish to any room. They can hide unsightly “issues” caused by cats, kids, or messy men, and make a space look extremely inviting — the type of place where you can settle in and wrap yourself in a warm cocoon.

4. Dishes
Small dishes provide the same purpose as trays—they create a clutter-free place to collect odds and ends you don’t want lying around making a mess. A bright Fiesta bowl works well for collecting keys or pocket change at the end of the day, and adds a beautiful pop of color to any room.

5. Books
People who read a lot are perceived to be smart and informed, but a home littered with books everywhere just makes you look lazy and absent-minded. Likewise, bulky bookshelves don’t always work for every home. Instead, categorize your books (art, fiction, cookbooks) and place in neat piles around your home. Art books can go on dining tables, cookbooks on a kitchen table or bar, fiction on bedside end tables. Add a beautiful Jonathan Adler candle or vase of flowers for color and scent.