The 5 Best Travel Deal Secrets

Planning a trip can either be a great experience or a major headache. What equates a great experience? Getting a fabulous deal on your plane tickets or hotel. Unfortunately, it’s not easy. The whole procedure has turned into a science experiment, with travelers trying to outwit the airlines and hotel chains.

Luckily, we have a travel expert on our side to help us out. We stumbled upon an Easy Does It interview with Ereka Vetrini and CBS news travel editor Peter Greenberg.

Here are his tips for getting a great deal this holiday season.

1. Hidden Inventory
Greenberg says our first mistake is thinking all the available inventory is on the Web. It’s not. He suggests calling the airlines directly to negotiate a better deal. You can have the highest success rates with hotels using this method of negotiation.

2. Call Times Count
It may be 6pm is a convenient time for you to make these calls, but guess what? You won’t get the best deal. Greenberg says the magic number lies between midnight and 2am, whatever the time zone is for the airline or hotel you want to book through.

3. Be Flexible
Make sure you have a list of different dates you are willing to travel on. The more locked in you are to a specific schedule, the less flexibility the representative will have to offer you the best deal.

4. Secret Flights
Greenberg confirms these flights do exist and have the best deals. He suggests looking at less popular airlines like Korean Airlines that fly out of their home countries and make stops in the US. “Airfares are usually less, service is better, and they’re not crowded flights,” Greenberg explains.

5. Holiday Season Deals
The best time to get away, hands down is “dead week.” This is the unofficial term for the week after Christmas, when everyone has come back from seeing family and need to return to work. Greenberg says perks of traveling at this off-peak time include better service, no lines, and massive money savings.