5 Types of Stoners We’ve All Smoked With — for Good or Bad

Cannabis smokers come in all shapes and sizes. They also exhibit all types of behaviors. The following 5 types of people, however, pretty much sum up the most memorable people we’ve smoked with.

1-The One Who Can’t Cope

You’re not sure why you keep getting high with this person because it’s anything but fun. Even if she smokes just one hit, she giggles and flails her body around uncontrollably or she easily gets freaked out and can’t hold it together. An amateur, The One Who Can’t Cope goes from laughing to being paranoid in a heartbeat. She is also terrible with staying on one topic of conversation, which makes for terrible companionship when you’re feeling chill and just want to relax.

2-The Bragger

The Bragger is never shy about smoking your stash but always lets you know it’s not as good as he’s used to. He may be right that he gets the best shit around but he’s just plain rude to criticize a free toke. The Bragger is usually totally hitched with the best paraphernalia too, like huge roller-coaster looking bongs and crazy pipes. He’s pretty cool and is usually pretty generous with his top-shelf marijuana. In fact, he’d be perfect if he wasn’t so arrogant about what you can’t afford to buy.

3-The Incognito Smoker

This person is usually a lawyer, doctor, banker or other serious professional. She’s totally not the type to get high but she does. You know she is breaking a cardinal rule by smoking pot, which makes her a bonafide badass. You’re usually the one to have to supply her with her unusually large weekly stash because she’s afraid of being tracked down for being a potsmoker at work if she gets a medical marijuana license or if she buys cannabis at a dispensary. Props to Incognito Smoker because she can manage a hardcore career and a staunch smoking habit at the same time.

4-The Smoker Who Can’t Get High

A heavy pothead who always wakes and bakes, The Smoker Who Can’t Get High can’t catch a real high to save his life. He’s smoked so much pot in his lifetime that his tolerance is to the roof. Often, this guy is unemployed and you have no idea how he funds his habit. For him to get even remotely high he has to smoke many, many dabs of wax to get the slightest buzz. It’s hard smoking with this guy because you get far too high for your own good. He’s also an example you don’t want to follow.

5-The Agenda Pusher

The Agenda Pusher has had her medical marijuana license since the first day licenses were legally issued in her state. She’s been to countless rallies in support of all things marijuana. She doesn’t care that your boss trolls you on Facebook: She still posts tons of articles on pot on your page. The Agenda Pusher is constantly updating you on all the latest medical marijuana research, even when all you want to do is just smoke and catch a good scary flick. Not only is The Agenda Pusher an activist, she actually believes that she is smoking pot medicinally when there’s nothing wrong with her physically or emotionally.