5 Ways to Advance Your Career

Feeling like you’re stuck on the sidelines, and not making it into the big leagues? According to OfficeTeam executive director Robert Hosking, “Professionals need to continually adapt to industry developments and expand their abilities so their job skills remain relevant.”

His advice comes at a time in which the unemployment rate in the U.S. sits at 7.6 percent and the job market is as competitive as ever. “If their employer does not offer training options, workers should look for outside learning resources,” asserts Hosking.

To advance your career, you need to keep your skills current. OfficeTeam offered us the following five tips:

1. Join Professional Associations

Discover industry groups that conduct workshops and educational sessions. These events can be quite powerful, while putting you in touch with a wide variety of valuable contacts. Some professional associations meet in-person and others online. Sharing ideas with peers within your field can be a very powerful experience.

2. Take on New Challenges

Ask your manager if you can get involved in projects that are outside of your job description. Volunteering for assignments and pushing yourself beyond your comfort zone reveals your willingness to learn and grow within an organization.

3. Assess Training Resources

Go out of your way to find out what types of training opportunities are available within your company. Find out if tuition reimbursement is offered for external courses. You can also explore low-cost opportunities including online programs and books.

superheroes-batman-superman-always-helping-old-ladies-never-stopping-crimes4. Find a Mentor

Look for someone either inside or outside of your company to be your mentor. This person should be inspiring and extremely knowledgeable. Meet in person or connect via phone on a regular basis and work together to set goals for your future.

5. Help Others

Volunteer on committees or for leadership roles within your organization. Helping others reinforces the lessons you have learned and provides you a deeper sense of purpose and value.

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