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5 Weird Car Gadgets That Could Save Your (or a Loved One’s) Life

Let’s face it, driving in today’s world is a dangerous sport. There are so many distracting factors that can cause you to swerve off the road, run into another car, or plunge into a lake.

The goal of this post is to reveal to you a handful of gadgets that you’d never think of in a million years, yet they could play an important role in saving your life.

1. Drop Stop, The Seat Gap Filler

How many times have you dropped something between your seats and found yourself fishing for it? Be it food, keys, money, lipstick, or your wallet, it’s easy to become obsessed with trying to retrieve what has fallen. Finally there’s a gadget that can save you from this very common distraction.

stop gap filler 2

2. Air Vent Smartphone Holder

Here’s the deal… it’s when you look down at your lap or an object (i.e. your phone) that tragedy often strikes. There is a reason you have a dashboard and are far less likely to crash while adjusting your radio or climate control and peering at your speedometer. Keeping your chin up, allows you to keep some focus on the road as well. This is why this smartphone holder is a must. Not that you should EVER text while your phone is mounted on it, but making calls, answering them, playing music, and using map apps are acceptable.

phone mount for car


3. Tire Pressure Gauge, Car Glass Cutter, Emergency Seatbelt Cutter, and Flashlight in One

It’s quite easy to overlook your tire pressure, which can lead to a deadly moment on the road. Also, you (like most people) probably don’t even consider the fact that you can become trapped in your car. This tool helps solve all of these issues and more. The key to it saving your life is keeping it close to your driver’s seat at all times. In the case that you become stuck in your car in the aftermath of an accident or plunge into a lake and need to break the window to get out, it won’t do you much good in the trunk.

tire gauge seat belt cutter and window breaker in one


4. Black Box SM1000 3G Smart Rearview Mirror Car DVR

For Android Owners who love the latest and greatest new technologies, this smart rearview mirror is AWESOME. It allows for you to make hands free calls, offers night vision, and even is a dash cam video recorder. Not only will it keep you from staring at your phone, its camera offers added safety in the case of a strange road incident.

bluetooth rearview mirror


5. Extreme Survival Kit

Every single driver should carry an emergency survival kit in their car. You never know when you may become stuck or need to leave your home in the case of a strange, unforeseeable disaster. This is an excellent kit that can be easily stored in your trunk or backseat.emergency survival kit


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