5-Year-Old Boy Suffers Rare Condition That Causes Skin to Peel Away

WARNING: The images contained in this post are extremely graphic and may be disturbing to some.

Ben Thomas, a five-year-old boy has been left struggling to regain mobility and life, after a rare skin condition left him in agonizing pain and fighting for his life. He was left with an estimated 99% of the skin on his body peeled away, and in grave danger of never recovery.

It all started when Thomas developed an odd rash around his mouth. His mother took him for medical treatment, and things went downhill quickly.

At first, doctor’s reportedly misdiagnosed it as tonsillitis and started the child on antibiotics—but the painful rash only worsened. Believing that it was an adverse allergic reaction to the antibiotics, doctors took Thomas off of the medication—something that could have been fatal mistake, according to his mother.

Thomas was finally correctly diagnosed with Staphylococcal scalded skin syndrome—a rare skin disorder where the skin is burned and peeled away by bacteria, essentially causing the skin to shed itself all at one time.

In early stages, antibiotics can actually help stop the condition—but according to Thomas’ mother, the boy had been off antibiotics for a full 18 hours before medical staff finally realized the risk her son was in.

At that point, most of Thomas’ skin had shed away—leaving him vulnerable to loss of bodily fluids and further infections.

He was rushed to a burn unit for care and—while he is slowly improving, his mother said he has been left with severe scaring and itching.

“He has to walk on his tip toes sometimes because the skin on the back of his legs is so tight,” his mother said.

The slideshow above contains graphic medical images of Thomas’ road to recovery, use discretion when viewing.