5-Year-Old Suffering from Severe Eczema Begs Mom to Let Die

When most people think of eczema, they dismiss it as a minor skin condition that doesn’t have any serious symptoms. However, some people suffer immensely, experiencing painful, itchy red patches all over their body.

Meet little Morgan Bishop. He is a five-year-old with a severe case of eczema. Since he was just four months old, he has been dealing with the condition, which often leaves him looking like he has acid burns on his skin.

According to the Daily Mail, his mother, Dana, said he told her that he would rather die than endure any more pain. Sometimes, he can barely sleep through the night because it hurts so bad. Although they constantly apply cream to Morgan’s skin, when it becomes extremely cracked, he is unable to walk and must rely on a mobility scooter.

His parents have tried every every treatment currently available, but have not yet found a remedy. Currently, they are attempting to raise donations for hydrotherapy treatment in France.

Dana told the Daily Mail:

We’ve lost part of Morgan’s personality to the eczema. There’s no respite for us. On his fifth birthday, Morgan told me he’d rather die than cope with the pain of eczema anymore – it was heartbreaking to hear.

The boy also suffers from more than 20 allergies, including rice, soy, nuts, dairy, and eggs.

Hopefully, this family can get the help they need.