5-Year-Old with Down’s Syndrome Swapped By Mother for Healthy Baby

Ahmed Abdel Karim is a five year old Syrian refugee with Down’s Syndrome who was tragically swapped at birth in exchange for a so called ‘normal’ baby at birth.

Ahmed’s mother made a deal with a midwife and paid for healthy child, according to Uniladmag. Ahmed was left in the care of another mother whose baby had been stolen.

Fortunately, Daniel Vais, who runs a north London dance group for people with Down’s Syndrome, found Ahmed in the refugee camp, and launched a campaign to bring awareness and help.

In a statement Vais said:

Our hearts are breaking for Ahmed, and we are particularly keen to get him to see a specialist doctor, and to buy him warm clothes and proper shoes.

We know his past is tragic, but we are more concerned about Ahmed’s future.

He needs to be cared for by experts who understand Down’s syndrome and the associated conditions which could present.