WATCH: Guys Try ‘Fifty Shades’ Style BDSM — The Results Are Hilarious

The “Fifty Shades of Grey” phenomenon has resulted in a lot of experimentation. Previously bored men and women have been tapping into their shady sides and having mixed outcomes.

The above video features a bunch of pretty normal men and woman giving it a try. See what happens when Mistress Hudsy Hawn guides them through the process.

Awkward Prehistoric Sex Toys

c. 29,000 B.C: Discovered at Hohle Fels Cave, southwestern Germany. Made from fine-grained siltstone. IMAGE: WORLD ARCHAEOLOGY / PREHISTORY MUSEUM, BLAUBEUREN

Neolithic: Discovered in France. Made of carved Ivory.
Image: Loïc Hamon / Cuture.Gouv.Fr / Musée des Antiquités nationales, Saint-Germain-en-Laye

c. 12,000 B.C: Several portable phallic pieces.
Image: Javier Angulo / Hospital Universitario de Getafe

c. 6,000 – 4,000 B.C: Discovered in Sweden. Carved stag antler phallus measuring 4.1in long, 2 cm (.78 in) in diameter.
Image: Peter Zetterlund, Swedish National Heritage Board