6 Haunting Halloween Urban Legends You Still Believe Are True

Halloween is a time when everyone’s imagination runs rampant.

Whether people use their imagination to dress up as some horrific creature from the abyss or take pleasure in telling haunting Halloween urban legends in the dark around a campfire, anything spine-tingling tends to capture peoples’ attention.

Urban legends have existed since the beginning of time in practically every culture around the world.

Experts say they are a significant part of pop culture, offering a level of perspective into society’s fears; not to mention, they are also loads of fun.

In many cases, these tales are altered to horrify listeners. The Halloween urban legends mentioned above are no different.

Check them out and then tell us what kind of tales you still believe in.

Bloody Mary

You know the drill: Go into the bathroom, turn off the lights and say “Bloody Mary” three times. Allegedly, the haunting woman appears only to suck you into the mirror, murder you, or scare the living daylights out of your little brother.

Acid-Laced Tattoos

Legend has it some demented person is coating children’s temporary tattoos with acid and other hallucinogenic drugs.

Poisoned Candy and Razor Blade Apples

If you ever wondered why that Snickers bar you got from your creepy neighbor tasted funny, don’t worry, it’s probably not poisoned. There has only been one reported case of a child dying from eating tainted candy.