6 New Places to Meet Singles

December through the end of February is the most popular time for online dating, but that’s not the only places to meet singles.  In fact, popular dating site Match.com (an FTK advertiser) recommends the following locations. Happy hunting guys and gals!

Department Stores
Shopping isn’t just fun, it’s a great place to meet a single employee who knows their way around clothes, shoes, cosmetics, home goods, and more. Men can ask a saleswoman’s opinion about clothes that will make him stand in a crowd, and woman can ask a man in the shoe department his opinion of the sexiest stilettos for a night out. See where we’re going with this?

Charity Work
By far, volunteers say giving back to their community gives them the most sense of purpose and belonging, so if you happen to meet someone special while doing something you love, all the better. Plus, you already have something in common and a shared goal. Whether it’s organizing a book drive for the local library or collecting blankets for an animal shelter, doing what makes you happy will make you seem all the more appealing to a potential date.

Cook up Love
Singles rarely cook for many reasons– not the least of which is the time or hassle involved with cooking for one. Throwing in a microwave meal or having takeout on speed dial is more convenient. Still, taking a cooking class can not only be a fun way to jazz up your diet, but you may meet the man or woman of your dreams trying to accomplish the same goal.

Raise Your Heart Rate
We need to do it for our health, our heart, and our bodies. So why not take a new exercise class or train for a race? You’ll find a mix of genders and personality types all looking to accomplish the same goal, and what’s more sexy than skimpy exercise clothes? Try picking a class that breaks up into groups or pairs for more one-on-one time. Likewise, a race that will challenge you is a good pick. An added bonus: If you don’t meet anyone the first time out, trying again is healthy.

Book Signing
Check out your local library or major bookstore and see what book signings or seminars they have coming up. You’re sure to meet a lot of interesting people in a relaxed atmosphere where you’ll be in your comfort zone. There will be plenty of time to talk and listen to others’ commentary, and there’s usually light appetizers served. Even if you don’t end up meeting “The One” you could make some new friends who undoubtedly have some single friends they can hook you up with.

Poker Tournament
Poker is the grownup version of board games, whether it’s played at a casino, club, or someone’s house on Saturday nights. Not only is it fun, but you’ll get to see a side of people you normally wouldn’t—competitiveness, bluffing, composure, and more. This is a great event for females in particular because poker is still dominantly a man’s game — and men find a woman who can hold her own in poker to be incredibly attractive. Who knows, you may leave with a love connection and some extra cash!